Join us for our next Eat Clean Cleanse!



Are you ready for a stronger YOU? An Eat Clean Cleanse™ is equal parts education and action. It is NOT about juicing, dieting, fasting, calorie counting or being hungry.  It IS about supporting an active lifestyle.  As nutritionists, we will teach you what to eat, how to successfully combine foods, and when to eat the foods that are right for your body. This 14-day transformational journey will change the way you view food, and change you from the inside out.  Come eat  delicious, nutrient-dense food in a supportive, encouraging environment.


Our 14-Day program includes: 

Let us help you:

  • Boost energy and focus
  • Lose those hard-to-shed pounds
  • Optimize digestion
  • Enhance sleep
  • Develop healthy sustainable eating habits
  • Learn how to nourish your body
  • Personalized coaching throughout cleanse from a Certified Nutrition Consultant
  • Eat Clean™ Cleanse Manual
  • Kick-off class on detoxification with cooking demos and sampling of cleansing food and drinks
  • Week 2 - Check-in meeting for support and Q&A
  • Eat Clean™-approved recipes and shopping list
  • Daily advice, tips and encouragement

Cost: $200


Will I have to spend a lot of time cooking?

We all have busy schedules. We will provide you with delicious easy recipes and a shopping list that will work for your active family. We will give you simple snack ideas and can help you with ready-made meal suggestions from Whole Foods and various local restaurants. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed during this program.

What foods am I allowed to eat?

You eat whole nutrient-dense unprocessed foods. We exclude the most common food allergens from our program including dairy, gluten, eggs (optional), corn, soy, rice, white potatoes, legumes as well as alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. This doesn’t mean that your diet will be boring or bland. During the first class we will show you how delicious truly cleansing food can be and you will be given a number of easy-to-follow recipes to take home. That’s right, a completely clean eating program for 14 whole days.

What happens if I cannot give up certain foods?

We suggest you stick to our Eat Clean exclude/include list to gain the most from our cleanse, but participants who cannot give up certain vices (ex. morning coffee) will still benefit immensely from removing processed foods and giving their system a break. Our goal is to introduce you to new healthy eating habits that you can continue long after the cleanse is over.

Do I need to attend both meetings?

Attendance at the first meeting is highly recommended to fully benefit from the program. If any participant is unable to attend either the first or second meeting, we can schedule a brief call to check in on your progress.